Lunch and Learn –Summer 2018

Lunch and Learn – Summer 2018 (Food Insecurity and Hunger)

The ability to successfully navigate higher education can be difficult for students identified by researchers as under-resourced, under-served or underrepresented. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
helps to situate this discussion whereas it is reasonable to imagine that a student cannot focus on learning if he or she is hungry. In a study released in April 2018 entitled Still Hungry and Homeless in College, Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab and her colleagues revealed that 42% of community college students are food and 46% reported being housing insecure. During the Summer 2018 Lunch and Learn roundtable discussions at PDCCC, these trends were explored within the context of the implications for higher education’s completion agenda. An examination of the aforementioned study positioned participants to openly share their ideas, field experiences, best practices and recommendations for future actions.

The Back Story: Why Are We Here Today…Why Should We Care?

Agenda – June 22, 2018

Still Hungry and Homeless in College
Sara Goldrick-Rab, Jed Richardson, Joel Schneider, Anthony Hernandez, and Clare Cady – Wisconsin HOPE Lab (April 2018)

Hungry and Homeless in College: Results from a National Study on Basic Needs Insecurity in Higher Education
Sara Goldrick-Rab, Jed Richardson and Anthony Hernandez – Wisconsin HOPE Lab (March 2017)

Chancellor’s Statewide Syllabus – July 10, 2018
Virginia’s Community Colleges Fight Hunger on Campuses

Tidewater News – March 21, 2018
The City of Franklin has once again fared poorly in the University of Wisconsin’s annual study comparing the health of cities and counties in each state.

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Understanding and Working With Students From Poverty
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