Tuesday Talks

Chancellor’s College Success Coach Initiative: S.T.E.P.S.
Students Transitioning through Education Programs Successfully proudly presents Tuesday Talks.

Presented by Laura Clark

Join these informal conversations to plug in at Paul D. Camp Community College.
Relevant, engaging topics are designed with the busy students in mind.

Please join the conversation! Sessions are open to everyone.

Session Location:
Franklin Campus – Room 119
Time: All sessions offered from 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Tuesday Talks
Date Session Topic
August 28 Planning for Success
September 7 Blackboard Tips and Tricks: Success in Online Classes
Featuring Zak Wade, Distant Education Specialist
September 11 Working with Professors and Instructors
September 18 Making the Most of Library Resources
Featuring Donna McCloskey, Librarian
September 25 Scholarships: Help with the Application Process
October 2 Test Taking Skills: Show What You Know
October 9 Overcoming Procrastination
October 16 Show Me the Money: Tips for Financial Aid
Featuring Teresa Harrison , Financial Aid Coordinator
October 23 Getting Ready to Register: What to Expect from Your Advisor
October 30 Workforce Certifications: What They Mean to You
Featuring Lisha Wolf, Workforce Career Coach
November 6 Party Smart: Alcohol Awareness
November 13 Stretch Those Dollars: Living with a Budget
November 27 Taming the Stress
December 4 Pre-Exam Jam

For more information on the sessions offered,
view the postings around campus or contact
Jamie Dodd, College Success Coach – Franklin Campus
Phone: 757.569.6780
Email: (jdodd@pdc.edu)
Office: Faculty Cluster – Room 120C

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