Motorcycle Basic Rider Course

Dates: May 16 and 17, 2020 -OR- August 21 and 22, 2020
Class/Range Times: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Instructor: A. Moseley
Location: Camp Workforce Dev. Center
Tuition: $200

*NOTE: Participant must arrive on time. Once class begins, you will not be allowed in the class and there will be no refunds.

Novice Rider Course – Participants must be physically able to balance and operate a motorcycle.

The Virginia Rider Training Program (VRTP) is DMV’s motorcycle safety & licensing program recognized only by the state of Virginia.

Motorcycle safety helmets and full riding gear, e.g. without limitation, long sleeve jacket or shirt, long pants, over the ankle boots or shoes, eye protection, ¾ or full-face helmet, and full-finger gloves, are used by all persons while mounting or seated on any MSLVI motorcycle.” Note that PDCCC provides the motorcycles and helmets for the course.

The Virginia Rider Training program Basic Rider Course (BRC) coaches the fundamental skills and is NOT intended to produce the superb riding skills of an experienced rider; rather, it provides the basic ENTRY-LEVEL skills for a new rider to begin practicing and developing the mental and motor skills important for safe street operation. Motorcycles helmets are provided.

What to expect in the classroom:

  • discussion of workbook
  • watching a training video
  • Multiple Choice Test
  • 80% needed to pass
  • arrive 15 minutes early (no late comers)

What to expect on the range:

  • Many riding exercises (in weather)
  • Riding skills evaluation consisting of four exercises to assess your braking, cornering, swerving and limited space maneuvering skills.

Motorcycle Safety League of Virginia Inc – Frequently Asked Questions:

What endorsement do I receive by taking the Basic Rider Course?
You will receive a “M2” – Participants who successfully complete the Two Wheel Basic Rider Course will receive a “M2” Endorsement. The “M2” Endorsement will only allow the Rider to operate a Two Wheel Motorcycle.

Do I need to know how to ride a bicycle?
Yes, If you have not recently ridden a bicycle, you may be unable to pass the Basic RiderCourse. Balance is VERY important! You will be required to withdraw from the class if unsafe to yourself or others. No refunds, transfers or credits.

Do you furnish motorcycles and helmets?
Yes, we furnish the scooters, motorcycle & helmets for the Basic Rider Course.

Do I need a Motorcycle Learner’s Permit to attend the Basic Rider course?
No, you do not need a Motorcycle Learner’s Permit to take the Basic Rider Course.
You MUST have a car drivers license to participate in the Basic RiderCourse. Yes, a car Learner’s Permit will be acceptable.

A Valid car license from any State or Country will permit you to enroll in the Basic Rider Course.

I have an out of State MSF card, will Virginia DMV accept it?
No, Virginia’s DMV will NOT accept out of State Motorcycle Safety Foundation Completion Cards.

I want to operate my motorcycle on Government property. How do I get the MSF Completion Card to drive on a military base?
You can enroll in any Basic Rider Course to obtain your MSF card which will allow you to operate a motorcycle on any U. S. Military installation or other Government property.

I’m in the military, have an out of State MSF card , will Virginia accept my MSF card?
No, Virginia’s DMV will NOT accept out of State MSF cards. Military personnel will be required to successfully complete a Virginia Motorcycle program to obtain a MSF card.

How to Register:
Please visit to register and pay for your class.

Registration Deadline for Non-credit Classes:
Participants enrolling into a non-credit class must have all registration documents and tuition fees submitted by 4 p.m. two (2) business days prior to class start date.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Workforce Development at or call 757.569.6050.