Marine Coatings Trainee Program

PDCCC Division of Workforce Development and Virginia Ship Repair Association’s Ship Repair Pre-Hire Career Program

The Ship Repair Pre-Hire program is designed to help our future workforce get a head start on a career in our industry. Ship repair companies partner with community colleges to offer training that will lead directly to employment in a special trade field. These careers are in high-demand fields and offer solid opportunities to be promoted into expert level positions. Students are reimbursed for their tuition when they accept a job with an employer partner and complete the new employee terms of that company.

Marine Painters are skilled in the craft of covering various vessel surfaces, both interior and exterior, with protective coatings using brushes, spray guns, and rollers. Many kinds of paints/coatings are used as protection of steel, wood, fiberglass, and other surfaces from rust and corrosion, and protection of the underwater portion of vessels against the attachment of marine life. Painters must know the proper surface preparations, the best coating to use for each purpose and the accepted application techniques to obtain the desired results.

Registration Information:

  1. Candidates must be at least 18 years old and hold U.S. citizenship.
  2. Complete the Ship Repair Pre-Hire Information Form.
  3. Register and take the WorkKeys Career Readiness Certificate (CRC ) Assessments at your local Community College or Workforce One-Stop Career Center. WorkKeys Information Sheet & Access Form
  4. Enter your WorkKeys Assessment results at WorkKeys Career Readiness Certificate Results Report
  5. Complete an interview with a Company Partner.
  6. Be DRUG-FREE. Applicants will be tested if they have completed an interview and are recommended to be enrolled in the course.
  7. Qualify for Security Access. Applicants MUST report any and all misdemeanor or felony convictions including, but not limited to: traffic violations, financial judgments, minor infractions and any other crimes. These may be limiting factors in qualifying for the program and/or employment.
  8. Once you are approved for enrollment into the Marine Coatings program, you will be given registration and payment information for the course.
  9. Approved candidate will register with PDCCC by completing a non-credit registration form and provide payment of $250 for tuition, and complete the two-week training program.
  10. After successful completion of all requirements, program graduates will begin work with Newport News Shipbuilding as full-time Marine Painters!  The $250 tuition fee will be reimbursed under the Shipyard’s tuition reimbursement program.

For additional information or questions, call the Workforce Office at 757.569.6050 or send an email to