Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

Companies often ignore underground supply and discharge piping—out of sight, out of mind. And who wants to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for piping maintenance or repairs? George Vernon brings to PDCCC and its industrial partners a wealth of experience in diagnosing current and future piping problems and more importantly strategies for correcting them! George has offered this workshop 270 times over the last 15 years. He does not represent any piping material or piping equipment company. Either non-credit workshop Trenchless Pipe Technologies – Industrial or the Trenchless Pipe Technologies – Municipal offers state of the art strategies for cost avoidance and environmental compliance at industrial facilities.

“I know many consultants in the pipeline and sewer field, but George Vernon offers a service that is fairly unique. I consider George to be an “infrastructure consultant” to industry. he has an amazing ability to walk through a huge facility, like a steel mill or paper mill, and quickly pinpoint problem areas in their process and waste streams. He provides clients an assessment of their problems, prioritized by urgency, along with practical remediation options. I’ve never met anyone else who could perform such comprehensive evaluations in so little time. So, George is well-known in industry as the man to call when some overwhelming problem threatens to shut down the plant. As part of his service, he recommends specialty contractors that can make suitable repairs. He usually is retained to manage emergency repair efforts by the assembled contractor team.” by H. Clay Griffin, President, Rembco Geotechnical Contractors, Inc.

About the Instructor

George Vernon
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