Encore (Adult) Learning [Adults 21 Yrs. And Older]

Encore Learning offers non-credit courses targeted for adults 21 and better who want to improve their skills, explore new ideals, and interact with interesting people in their community.

Choosing from a diverse collection of courses, learners can create their own development program, expand their views of the world and enrich their lives and their communities.

Encore Learning is a membership based learning community with memberships offered for $99 per semester.

All memberships are individual; each family member must join separately.

Encore Learning members may enroll in as many courses per term as they choose from the Encore Learning catalog. Some classes require additional fees; as noted in the catalog.

There is no minimum or maximum limit of courses for which you may register.

Registration is now open for all new and returning members!

So join us today!

Encore Learning Catalog