SSS Kickoff

On August 31st, Student Support Services was honored to have "Paradigm Shift," a company out of Oklahoma that provides a dynamic transformative environment which focuses on strength-based learning to cultivate "powerful results." 

Dr. Corey McCray, Interim Camp President, welcomed our new and returning Camp students to the campus and emphasized to them how Camp Community College is there for them from start to finish.  He also wanted them to know that camp has a plethora of support initiatives that can be utilized at any time. 

Dr. Justin Oliver, Dean of Academic Programs, also welcomed our new and returning Camp students, leaving them with "words of wisdom" to continue to press forward and utilize the support that is here at Camp Community College.

Dr. Hyler Scott, Director of Student Support Services emphasized to the group that the goal of the Student Support Services program is to provide opportunities for academic development and to assist students with basic college requirements and most importantly to motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary educational goals. 

Dr. Hyler Scott, Director of Student Support Services, introduced the Paradigm Shift presenters, Emma Baker and Elaine McDaniels.  Emma and Elaine engaged our Camp Community College students at the "Kickoff" with exciting activities that not only encouraged them to engage physically but to think and use their minds mentally as well. The team building activities that the Camp students participated in helped the students work together to achieve common goals, communication skills and problem-solving strategies.   

Near the end of the program, Paradigm Shift spoke to the students about taking responsibility to notify their professors if they were having issues or needed assistance in their schoolwork.  Other key points to the students were making sure that they followed through with their assignments and requests from their professors and to utilize all the support that is here at Camp CC especially the support from Trio Student Support Services!