The Testing Center has changed in its testing offerings due to policy changes and pandemic requirements.


Policy Changes:  Placement Testing and Graduation Exams

Placement tests are no longer needed for enrollment in the college.  Direct Enrollment is a new policy change in how Camp enrolls students.  With Direct Enrollment future students may enroll themselves.

Future students who have graduated from high school in the past five years can in that link self-report the following to determine their course placement:

  • year of graduation
  • GPA
  • Algebra 2, yes or no

Future students who have graduated from high school six or more years ago may wish to follow the pathways in the link or they may want some assistance with an onboarding Advisor from our Admissions Office. The following onboarding Advisors can help any future student enroll over the phone:

For more complete information about the new Direct Enrollment policy see the FAQs below.

Graduating exams are no longer being given as part of a new policy. Rather, the college is putting in place core competencies within the courses that will provide the institutional research needed to assure our students are reaching a community college education level of competency. Therefore, the graduating student will no longer need to make an appointment before graduation to take the core competency graduation exam. This assessment will be inherent in the courses in which they have been enrolled.

Covid Requirements

The Testing Center is limited in its testing offerings currently under the pandemic. Students enrolled in NVCC requiring online proctoring will be required to use Respondus Monitor, an at home proctoring arrangement in Canvas administered by their professor. This policy of proctoring is determined by NVCC. Exceptions have to be documented with NVCC and the professor if there is a need to be proctored by a local community college.  In those situations, the Camp Community College will work with the student and NVCC to deliver proctoring.

Other VCCS colleges and other colleges may have limited availability to proctoring by contacting the Test Administer, Ms. Gleason, at 757-569-6740 for the Franklin campus or Computing Lab Specialist, James Jenkins, at 757-925-63 on the Suffolk campus.

Requirements for entering the lab will be daytime only arrangements on the Franklin and Suffolk campuses. All students must enter the testing lab with a face mask. Hand sanitizers are positioned at the door. Once a tester enters the testing lab, they will be given a keyboard cover. Seated positioning for testing is an eight (8) foot distance between testers.

Direct Enrollment Replaces Placement Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Enrollment?

  • Direct enrollment is a self-directed form of enrollment into college, career, and technical class offerings.   Admission Advisors will help students through this process if needed. 

What do I need to do to begin the Direct Enrollment process?

  • The first step is to apply to CAMP Community College. Once you have completed the application process, you will be given a 7-digit number.
    The 7-digit number is your personal college ID number. That student ID number will be the number you will use after you graduate to access college transcripts for future employers.  So, it is a valuable number for you and your future.

What if I finish the application process and I do not see a 7-digit number?

  • A problem has occurred in your application process.  You need to contact Mrs. Worth or Mrs. Ferguson at their emails listed above. They will resolve the problem and help you complete the application process.

I have completed my application and have received my 7-digit student ID number. What is the next step?

  • If you have graduated from high school in the past five (5) years, you will self-report your year of graduation, your GPA, and Algebra 2, yes or no. From that point, you may enroll yourself in the classes available to you.
  • If you have graduated from high school six (6) years or more years, the system will ask questions leading you through the process until you are ready to enroll.  You may enroll yourself in the classes available to you.
  • If you have questions about enrollment, the onboarding Admissions Advisors can assist you.  They will ask you about the program in which you are interested. If you are unsure, they can discuss a variety of programs that we offer that will line up with your interests and career goals.  They will ask you some simple non-threatening questions that will help you determine your course selection. They can also provide you with the options for any courses that provide readiness and support for your program courses.
  • Once you have selected a program and determined the best course selection for your first semester, the Advisor can enroll you in your courses.  
  • If you have previous placement test scores, a high school transcript, SAT or ACT score reports, you may offer them as guidance in the conversation, but the transcript and score reports are not necessary.

Who should I contact to enroll for my first semester of classes?  

How has the Covid-19 virus affected enrollment? Will I  have to wait until the college reopens?

  • While the Covid-19 virus has affected the building accessibility, the college is fully operational.  While you cannot talk to an Advisor face-to-face at this time, you may contact an Advisor by email and he or she can call you right away and walk you step by step through the enrollment process.

Test Proctoring on Campus:

Proctoring for course tests is offered on a limited basis.  Most proctoring at Camp Community College is handled by professors. However, at the professor’s discretion and the student’s special need, proctoring can be possible at the following locations:

Franklin campus
Testing Center
Room 117
Contact:  Ms. Gleason at

Suffolk campus
Computing Lab in the Suffolk campus Library
Contact:  Mr. Jenkins at

Students must have the permission of their professor to be proctored on campus.

Protocol under the pandemic requirements for public buildings is followed. Students must enter the Franklin campus on the back entrance and parking lot. Room 117 is close to the back entrance. Students must sign in at the door.  A mask is required. Hand sanitizer is stationed outside the door.  The student will be given a keyboard cover and directed to a testing station.  All students must maintain a seated 8-foot distance.

Suffolk campus entrance is at all doors. Students must sign-in and wear a mask.  They will go to the campus Library.  Hand sanitizer is stationed outside the door. Once in the Library bear left to the Computing Lab. Mr. Jenkins will provide students with a keyboard cover and direct students to the testing station.

Students requiring proctoring for Camp classes have the approval of their Camp professor. Students taking classes through NVCC must have their professor's permission and follow the NVCC Testing Center requirements. Other VCCS colleges will have their proctoring protocol that must be followed as well. 

Despite the number of computers in the Franklin campus testing lab and the Suffolk campus Computing Lab, the number of testing station available is limited due to safety requirements.