The Testing Center has broadened its offerings to support students, applicants, faculty, members of the community, and local industries.  In short, the Testing Center is about  futures. 


The Testing Center offers assessments for many students, applicants, and employees and potential employees.

  • Applicants to the Nursing program with TEAS
  • Certifications for jobs in Allied Healthcare
  • Certifications for jobs in logistics supporting the supply chain industry
  • Career readiness with WorkKeys
  • CLEP tests for transfer minded students with aptitudes in a particular discipline that supports college pathways
  • Direct Enrollment
  • Placement tests for Veterans applying for financial assistance
  • Placement test for applicants to apprenticeship programs in Hampton Roads
  • VDoT contractors and inspectors credentialing through other VCCS colleges such as Germanna Community College

The Testing Center is also a place for Camp faculty to schedule class testing.  Faculty should send their requested dates and times with number of students and course prefix and number to Ms. Gleason at 



The TEAS test is given on the Franklin campus in the Camp Testing Center testing lab in Room 117A or Room 117B at scheduled times for applicants to the Nursing Program.

Contact Information:

Contact Mrs. Carol Griffin in the Nursing department for all official information to apply for the TEAS test at  All applicants for the Nursing Program, must register and pay for the TEAS test before taking the test. 



The Official ATI TEAS Study Manual is strongly recommended for those taking the TEAS test.  This preparation book can be conveniently purchased at the College Bookstore on the Franklin Campus. The cost is $33.50. 

Content of Test:


  • Key ideas & details
  • Craft & structure
  • Integration of knowledge & ideas


  • Numbers & algebra
  • Measurement & data


  • Human anatomy & physiology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Scientific reasoning

English & Language Usage

  • Conventions of standard English
  • Knowledge of language
  • Using language & vocabulary to express ideas in writing

Day of Testing

  • Government issued picture ID
  • Signed Acknowledgement form
  • ATI username and password

Future Results: Nursing student


Fast Track Allied Healthcare Certification

Certified Medical Assistant   EKG
Certified Medical Assistant   EKG
Phlebotomy Patient Care Technician/Assistant
Phlebotomy  Patient Care Technician/Assistant

Who:  Eligibility for Healthcare certification is determined by the Fast Track Allied Healthcare Instructor, Dawn Hill.

When:  Certification testing is given on specified dates and times determined by the instructor and the Testing Coordinator after students have successfully completed their 5-month Fast Track Allied Healthcare classes.

Where:  The Healthcare certification testing is conducted in the Testing Center in Room 117A or Room 117B of the Franklin Campus main building. 

How:  The resulting certification score report provides valuable documentation of the tester’s knowledge, skill, and successful career potential for an employment packet. 

Why:  The job outlook and earnings in the Hampton Roads workforce is reliable and promising. 

Fast Track Industrial Credentialing: Logistics Associate/Technician and Forklift Operators


CLA and CLT Industrial Certification is offered to students successfully completing the Fast Track Workforce courses in logistics and forklift.

Who:  Eligibility for industrial certification for CLA and/or CLT testing is determined by the Instructor after the student’s successful completion of the Fast Track Logistics course. 

When:  Certification testing is given on specified date and time determined by Workforce Development and the Testing Coordinator once all classes have been completed. 

Where:  The industrial certification testing for CLA and CLT is scheduled at both the Franklin and Suffolk campuses. 

  • Franklin campus: Room 117A at 100 North College Drive, Franklin, Virginia 23851
  • Suffolk campus: Room 103 at 271 Kenyon Road, Suffolk, Virginia 23434

How:  The resulting industrial certification report provides reliable and respected documentation for future employers with the tester’s skill knowledge and potential skill in the workforce.

Why:  The supply chain industry provides a ready and expansive source of income to people with logistic knowledge and skills. 

ACT WorkKeys Career Assessments

ACT WorkKeys Assessment is about jobs.  By measuring foundational skills for successful employment in the workplace, those potential employees successfully completing WorkKeys assessments provide employers and themselves with a confidence in job performance. 

WorkKeys assessments are relevant to any occupation because they measure a range of hard and soft skills hat are respected and needed in industries and occupations. 

ACT 01

Who benefits from WorkKeys assessments?

  • Future local industries requiring knowledge of hard and soft employment skills for potential employees.
  • High school educators preparing students for the workforce upon graduation


  • High School educators contact the college Testing Coordinator, Ms. Gleason, at in order to set up testing dates and times.
  • Job applicants recommended to take the WorkKeys assessment as a hiring requirement. Applicants must make an appointment with Testing Coordinator Ms. Gleason at On the day of the test, testers must go to Workforce Development to purchase the test or tests. They then bring the voucher and a government issued picture ID to the Testing Coordinator in Room 117A for their scheduled WorkKeys assessment. Any questions about purchasing the assessment(s) should be directed to Renee Brown at

Where:  The WorkKeys assessment is administered at the Testing Center in the main building on the Franklin campus in Room 117A.



What is CLEP?

  • The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has offered exams for over 50 years at a fraction of the price of a college course, saving students hundreds of dollars.

How does taking the CLEP exam benefit me?

  • You receive college credit for the course test you successfully complete, and you receive your degree faster and with less cost.

Who may take the CLEP exam?

  • Anyone can take a CLEP exam. High school students, college students, adult learners, military service members, veterans, and professionals seeking education credits are eligible to register for the CLEP. See a college Navigator (Admissions Advisor) to discuss your opportunities.

How much does it cost?

  • $93 to register with CLEP for an exam.
  • Military service members as well as eligible spouses and civil service employees take CLEP exams to reach their educational goals. You may have your exam fee waived if you are eligible under the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES).

How do I register for a CLEP Exam?

Who to contact for a CLEP testing appointment?

  • Email Ms. Gleason, Test Administrator, at (preferred) or call 757-569-6740 for a direct number to Ms. Gleason

Where is the CLEP test given?

  • Camp Community College is an official CLEP test center located in Room 117A on the Franklin Campus

What to bring to the testing appointment?

  • Government picture ID such as a driver’s license

How long is the testing?

  • 90-120 minutes to complete, depending on the exam subject.

When do I receive my scores?

  • Testers receive their CLEP exam scores immediately after completing the exam (except for College Composition and Spanish and Writing).

What is the CLEP policy and exams offered at Camp Community College?

  • Camp Community College welcomes students from a wide variety of backgrounds and learning experiences. Many students come to our institution with a firm grounding in a particular discipline. We recognize their prior learning by accepting a full range of College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®) exams, which measure mastery of college-level, introductory course content.
  • Students who achieve required credit-granting scores on these exams can earn the credits and course exemptions. Our institution will grant a total of 60 credits for successful performance on CLEP exams.

Visit the Testing Center or contact the Test Administrator, Ms. Gleason at (preferred) or call (757) 569-6740.

Direct Enrollment without Placement Testing

Students no longer need to take a placement test.  Camp now uses an enrollment process called Direct Enrollment. Direct Enrollment allows students to determine for themselves whether they are ready for college courses in English and Math. 

I have graduated from high school.  What information will I need to provide?

  • Students who have graduated from high school in the past five years will be asked:
    • year of graduation
    • high school GPA
    • completion of Algebra 2, yes or no

I have been out of school more than five years. Do I still have to provide my high school information? What kinds of information do I have to provide?

  • Students who have graduated from high school six or more years do not have to provide any high school information. You will be shown pages with math problems and asked if this information is familiar to you, and if you think you can work on these types of math questions. You do not actually need to do the problems.  You  will also be shown a page with a writing assignment and asked if you think you can complete an assignment as shown. Placement is determined by how comfortable you feel with those kinds of assignments, and not on completing any test-type questions.

Tasha Taylor Zoom Meeting

If I have questions about self-enrollment or need help enrolling, what can I do?

  • Students who would like help enrolling may contact any of our onboarding Advisors.
Name Contact Information
Daniel Rollins 757-569-6797
Athletic Coach and Enrollment Navigator
Tasha Taylor 757-569-6779
Nursing and Allied Health Advisor
Melissa Purvis 757-925-6332
Enrollment Navigator

Exams for Graduating Students


Graduating exams are no longer being given as part of a new policy.

Proctoring for Other Colleges

Students attending other VCCS colleges and other 4- year colleges, and applicants to Apprenticeship Programs in Hampton Roads have availability to proctoring by contacting the Test Administer, Ms. Gleason, at 757-569-6740 for the Franklin campus or Computing Lab Specialist, James Jenkins, at 757-925-6318 on the Suffolk campus.

Students enrolled in NVCC requiring online proctoring will be required to use Respondus Monitor, an at home proctoring arrangement in Canvas administered by their professor. This policy of proctoring is determined by NVCC. Exceptions have to be documented with NVCC and the professor if there is a need to be proctored by a local community college rather than at home.  In those situations, Camp Community College will work with the student and NVCC to deliver proctoring.

Test Proctoring on Campus:

Proctoring for course tests is offered on a limited basis.  Most proctoring at Camp Community College is handled by professors. However, at the professor’s discretion and the student’s special need, proctoring is offered by appointment only at the following locations:

Franklin Campus
Testing Center
Room 117
Contact: Ms. Gleason