The Testing Center has changed in its testing offerings due to policy changes and pandemic requirements.


Placement Testing and Graduation Exams

Students no longer need to take a placement test.  Camp now uses an enrollment process called Direct Enrollment. Direct Enrollment allows students to determine for themselves whether they are ready for college courses in English and Math. 

Direct Enrollment sounds good, but how do I enroll myself?

  • First, submit an application for enrollment at  Once you submit the application a Direct Enrollment Survey portal will appear. Enter your username and password and then answer the question about how long it has been since you graduated high school.

I have already completed an application but have not enrolled.  How do I self-enroll?

  • Students who have already completed an application, may click on Enter your MyCamp username and password.  Answer the questions to find out which English and Math courses are recommended for you.

I clicked on the survey portal but I was not taken into the survey questions. What should I do?

  • Some of your information needs to be updated in our Student Information System.  Contact one of the onboarding advisors below for assistance.

Once I am in the direct enrollment survey, what kinds of questions will I be asked. Will I need documentation? 

  • No, you will not need documentation. You will be asked first if you have graduated from high school within the past five years or if you have graduated from high school six or more years ago. The questions that follow are based on those two responses.

I have graduated from high school.  What information will I need to provide?

  • Students who have graduated from high school in the past five years will be asked about:
    • year of graduation
    • high school GPA
    • and completion of Algebra 2, yes or no

I have been out of school more than five years. Do I still have to provide my high school information? What kinds of information do I have to provide?

  • Students who have graduated from high school six or more years ago do not have to provide any high school information. You will be shown pages with math problems and asked if this information is familiar to you, and if you think you can work on these types of math questions. You do not actually need to do the problems.  You  will also be shown a page with a writing assignment and asked if you think you can complete an assignment as shown. Placement is determined by how comfortable you feel with those kinds of assignments, and not on completing any test-type questions.

Tasha Taylor Zoom Meeting

If I have questions about self-enrollment or need help enrolling, what can I do?

  • Students who would like help enrolling may contact any of our onboarding Advisors.
    Note their names and contact information:
Name Contact Information
Daniel Rollins 757-569-6797
Athletic Coach and Onboarding Advisor
Tasha Taylor 757-569-6779
Nursing and Allied Health Advisor
Trina Ferguson 757-569-6725
Student Support Services Advisor
Melissa Purvis 757-569-6062
Academic Advisor

If I have SAT, ACT, or GED score reports dated within the past five years, is this documentation usable for enrollment?

  • Yes, GED, SAT, and ACT scores above the cut-scores listed below taken within the past five years may be submitted for enrollment. Students who have graduated from high school within the past five years may submit their high school transcripts for enrollment purposes.
Score Report Math Cut-off Score English Cut-off Score
SAT 510 or above 460 or above
ACT 19 or above 15 or above
GED 155 or above 165 or above

*The SAT English score relies on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. The ACT English subject area tests English and Reading.

If I graduated from high school within the past five years but prefer to provide my high school transcript for enrollment purposes instead of self-reporting, is this documentation permittable? 

  • Yes, a high school transcript with a graduation date within five years is very helpful to an onboarding Advisor.

How do I submit my SAT, ACT, GED or high school transcript?

Students may submit their SAT, ACT, GED or high school transcripts by email to The Test Administrator, Ms. Gleason, will enter all student information into the college Student Information System that will allow an onboarding Advisor to enroll the student or the student may enroll himself or herself. She will notify you when your information is entered, and she will refer you to the onboarding Advisors if you need support in enrolling for classes. The onboarding Advisors can also answer any placement or enrollment questions.

Exams for Graduating Students

Graduating exams are no longer being given as part of a new policy. Rather, the college is putting in place core competencies within the courses that will provide the institutional research needed to assure our students are reaching a community college education level of competency. Therefore, the graduating student will no longer need to make an appointment before graduation to take the core competency graduation exam. This assessment will be inherent in the courses in which they have been enrolled.

Covid Requirements

The Testing Center is limited in its testing offerings currently under the pandemic. Testing or proctoring is only by appointment. Requirements for entering the lab will be daytime only arrangements on the Franklin and Suffolk campuses. All students must enter the testing lab with a face mask. Hand sanitizers are positioned at the door for student convenience and safety. Once a tester enters the testing lab, they will be given a keyboard cover. Seated positioning for testing is an eight (8) foot distance between testers. Testing stations are marked and easily identified to confirm this distancing.

Proctoring for Other Colleges

Students attending other VCCS colleges and other 4- year colleges, and applicants to Apprenticeship Programs in Hampton Roads have availability to proctoring by contacting the Test Administer, Ms. Gleason, at 757-569-6740 for the Franklin campus or Computing Lab Specialist, James Jenkins, at 757-925-6318 on the Suffolk campus.

Students enrolled in NVCC requiring online proctoring will be required to use Respondus Monitor, an at home proctoring arrangement in Canvas administered by their professor. This policy of proctoring is determined by NVCC. Exceptions have to be documented with NVCC and the professor if there is a need to be proctored by a local community college rather than at home.  In those situations, the Camp Community College will work with the student and NVCC to deliver proctoring.

Test Proctoring on Campus:

Proctoring for course tests is offered on a limited basis.  Most proctoring at Camp Community College is handled by professors. However, at the professor’s discretion and the student’s special need.  Proctoring is offered by appointment only at the following locations:

Franklin campus
Testing Center
Room 117
Contact:  Ms. Gleason

Suffolk campus
Computing Lab in the Suffolk campus Library
Contact:  Mr. Jenkins

Appointments Students must have the permission of their professor to be proctored on campus and proctoring instructions must be sent by the faculty to Ms. Gleason on the Franklin campus or Mr. Jenkins on the Suffolk campus.

Faculty Request for Scheduling and/or Proctoring in The Testing Center

Protocol under the pandemic requirements for public buildings is followed. Students must enter the Franklin campus on the back entrance and parking lot. Room 117 is close to the back entrance. Students must sign in at the door.  A mask is required. Hand sanitizer is stationed outside the door.  The student will be given a keyboard cover and directed to a testing station.  All students must maintain a seated 8-foot distance.

Suffolk campus entrance is at all doors. Students must sign-in and wear a mask.  They will go to the campus Library.  Hand sanitizer is stationed outside the door. Once in the Library bear left to the Computing Lab. Mr. Jenkins will provide students with a keyboard cover and direct students to the testing station.

Students requiring proctoring for Camp classes must have the approval of their Camp professor. Students taking classes through NVCC must have their professor's permission and follow the NVCC Testing Center requirements. Other VCCS colleges will have their proctoring protocol that must be followed as well.

Despite the number of computers in the Franklin campus testing lab and the Suffolk campus Computing Lab, the number of testing station available is limited due to safety requirements.