Paul D. Camp Community College offers a welcoming campus community in which veteran and military students, their spouses and dependents, are provided comprehensive student services and resources so that they can achieve their education and employment goals.

Attending Camp is affordable!  Please review our 2023-24 Cost of Attendance (COA) which is an estimate of the yearly cost for a full time student, including direct (billable) costs, such as tuition, fees, and books along with indirect costs which a student may incur but for which we do not charge, such as housing and transportation. Students may also choose to review the Net Price Calculator.  Our classes are each 1-10 credit hours, and we change per credit hour, based on your military or residency status–see our current Tuition Rates.

For questions about Veterans Benefits and financial aid for Veteran and Military students, please contact the Veteran’s Certifying Official inside the Financial Aid Office on either the Franklin or Suffolk campus. Phone 757-569-6715 or email

For questions about programs and classes, residency/tuition status, admission to the College, class registration, student activities or other questions about Camp, contact Dr. Trina Jones, Dean of Student Services, 757-569-6720,

For fast review of prior learning, use the Credits2Careers portal to upload your Unofficial VCCS transcript, Richard Bland College transcript, Joint Services Transcript (JST) or CCAF Web progress Report to quickly build your portfolio. By uploading transcripts, you can instantly build a list of your prior learning and experience credentials - courses you have taken, examinations such as AP, CLEP, etc., certifications, military experience and training, etc. in the portal. You can also continue to manually add learning elements that are not on your transcript.

Camp Military and Veteran Contact for questions about admissions, programs, registration, or other student services and activities:
Dr. Trina Jones, Dean of Student Services,