PDC vs Stratford University

another-of-Kyle-staying-safe-on-thirdKyle staying safe on third

Burghie-waiting-for-the-throw-back-to-get-the-player-outBurghie waiting for the throw back to get the player out

Kyle-Martin-getting-back-to-3rd-baseKyle Martin getting back to 3rd base

Paul-Parker-and-Kyle-Martin-working-together-for-a-double-playPaul Parker and Kyle Martin working together for a double play

Pitcher-Brandon-Knight-saving-a-po-fly-and-getting-the-player-outPitcher Brandon Knight saving a pop-fly and getting the player out

Pitcher-Richard-tagging-homeplate-and-getting-the-other-player-outPitcher Richard tagging home-plate and getting the other player out

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