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Hello Camp Students, we are happy to announce the start of the Spring Season for of Camp Esports.

Register Here for Camp Esports:

Dead line for Open Season January 13th 2023.

The NJCAAE this is offering the following completive games both in the Intramural League and Open Season:

Game Size Platform
Valorant 5V5 PC
Rocket League 3v3 Epic, PS, Xbox, Switch
Overwatch 2 5v5 PC
Rainbow 6 Siege 5v5 PC
Halo Infinite 4V4 PC
League of Legends 5v5 PC
SSBU 1v1 Switch
Mario Cart 1v1 Switch
Hearthstone 1v1 PC, Phone
CoD: Gunfight 2v2 PC
CoD: MW 2 4V4 PC
CoD: Warzone 2 Duo Battle Royale PC
Fifa 23 1v1 PS, Xbox X/S, Stadia
Madden 23 1v1 PS5
NBA 2k3 1v1 PS5

Join us and compete against other 2 year colleges for a national title!      

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We at Camp are merging academics with needs in the larger economy and we recognize the growing power of the Esports industry.

We expect Camp students and alumni to be an integral part of the action in a field that values quick and strategic thinking, mental agility, intellectual curiosity and creativity.


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