We, at Paul D. Camp Community College, are proud to introduce a full service solution that will allow students and authorized payers to view tuition bills and make payments to their accounts…ONLINE!!!  This electronic billing and payment solution is made possible through our partnership with TMS using their Nelnet Campus Commerce software.

You will begin receiving your bills electronically but you may begin making payments on the system.  The system will notify you via your Camp student email account when your online bill is ready and provide you with a link to your PeopleSoft Login.  Once logged in, from the Student Service Center page, click on “Go to Nelnet Campus Commerce”.

The Nelnet Campus Commerce service allows you to:

  • Store a Payment Profile to use for all Nelnet Campus Commerce Transactions
  • Make convenient electronic payments from your checking or savings account or with your MasterCard or Visa card
  • Create Authorized Payers such as parents, guardians or other family members that can make payments against your account
  • Include a Secondary Email address to receive notifications
  • View and pay your account almost any time of the day or night from wherever you are – as long as you have internet access
  • Receive your tuition and fee bills faster – online with email notification
  • View your current bill plus 12-month invoice history online
  • Ability to access and print a PDF of the paper bill
  • View all Transaction History against your account
  • Be confident that your billing information and payments are private and secure

Whether it’s from your home, on vacation, or even at the College library….just imagine the convenience of viewing and paying your bill whenever and from wherever you choose!

To Access Nelnet Campus Commerce®  from SIS PeopleSoft

  • Login to PeopleSoft via Self-Service using your SIS Userid
  • From the Student Service Center page, click on “Make a Payment”
  • This will bring you to the Nelnet Campus Commerce® Application and you will land on the Nelnet Campus Commerce® Message Board

To Setup a Payment Profile

  • On the left hand navigation menu click on “Payment Profiles”
  • Select to add either a “Credit/Debit Card Profile” OR an “eCheck Profile”
  • After making your selection, enter a name to identify your payment profile
  • Next, enter in the requested payment information
  • Select “Save”

To Create an Authorized Payer
An Authorized Payer is someone that you authorize to make payments against your account (for example a Parent, Guardian, Aunt, Uncle, etc.)

  • Navigate to “Authorize Payers” on the left hand navigation menu
  • Select “Add New” to create an Authorized Payer (you can create up to five)
  • Enter in the requested information. You will need to provide your Authorized Payer with their login credentials
  • Select “Add” to save

To Edit or Delete your Authorized Payer

  • You can reset an Authorized Payer’s password by selecting the “edit” icon, then select “Reset Password”
  • You can delete your Authorized Payer by selecting the “delete” icon next to the Authorized Payer’s name

To Add a Secondary Email Address

  • Navigate to “User Preferences” on the left hand navigation menu
  • Fill out your personal email address in the box next to “Secondary”
  • Select “Save”

To View Current and Previous Statements

  • Navigate to “View Accounts” on the left hand navigation menu. If you have a statement in the system, you will be brought to your “Current Statement”
  • To print a PDF of your statement , select the “Printable Statement” icon
  • To view previous statements select “Statement History” under “View Accounts” on the left hand navigation menu
  • You can select any statement there for viewing by clicking the detail icon

To Make a Payment

  • Navigate to “Make Payment” on the left hand navigation menu
  • Your Current Balance will display at the top next to “Amount Due”
  • Enter in the amount you would like to pay in the Payment Amount box and then select your payment method. Click “Continue”
  • Enter in payment information, and click “Continue”. You will be asked to confirm your payment information
  • Click “Confirm” for Nelnet Campus Commerce® to process your payment, and your receipt will be displayed

View Transaction History

  • Navigate to “Transaction History” on the left hand menu
  • Previous Transactions made by you and your Authorized Payer(s) will display
  • To view details of the transaction, select the detail icon