Federal Work-Study funds are available to eligible students as part of their financial aid package.  Listed below are the general steps and forms for Federal Work-Study (FWS). For in-depth information and rules, please view the entire Work-Study Handbook.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) Student Expectations

Thank you for your interest in working a job to further your educational goals. All awarded funds must be earned one hour at a time.  Below are the general steps and expectations.If you have any questions about your FWS position or responsibilities, you are encouraged to speak with your campus FWS Coordinator.

  1. Complete a Federal Work-Study Interest Form and Intent to Enroll Form.  Resumes are not required, but always appreciated.
  2. For the interview, be prompt and dressed appropriately.  If something comes up and you cannot make it to your interview, you should immediately call.
  3. Once hired, complete all paperwork, including the State Application, and turn it in with two forms of identification (or a U.S. Passport).  The background check can take up to two weeks to clear.
  4. Work diligently during the hours you and your supervisor have set, so long as they do not interfere with your studies. Work-study means you are paid to work, not study.
  5. Submit payroll in a timely manner.  The first pay check will be available two weeks after submitting a time sheet.  We recommend signing up for Direct Deposit or a pre-paid Mastercard for faster processing.
  6. Maintain at least half-time class enrollment each semester and keep your grades up.  FWS is dependent upon passing all your classes with at least a 2.0 GPA.
  7. Perform your duties satisfactorily. Your supervisor will evaluate your performance. If you do not perform as required, you will be removed from the FWS Program.
  8. In case of absence from work, it is your responsibility to notify your supervisor immediately of your reason for absence or risk dismissal.
  9. You are responsible for knowing the number of hours for which you are eligible to work, and not exceed them.  Volunteering for your current position after funds run out is against federal labor rules.
  10. Complete exit paperwork: Upon leaving the FWS position, students wishing to use an FWS position on their resume should complete a FERPA Release form, so that we can share information with prospective employers.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) Supervisor Expectations

Thank you for your interest in helping provide valuable training to our students. While we will do everything we can to fulfill all requests, we cannot guarantee placement.  Also, if you are requesting a student due to an open position in your department, you will need to fill that position before requesting a student employee, to be in compliance with federal rules.

  1. New supervisors must attend a training session with the Campus FWS Coordinator.
  2. Please read, complete, and turn in a Job Description Request form.
  3. Upon receipt, the FWS Campus Coordinator will review the job request.
  4. If the job is allowable under FWS rules and we have remaining funds, eligible applicants will be forwarded to the supervisor to select for interviews.
  5. After selecting the candidate and calling for references, complete the Authorization Form and return to the FWS Campus Coordinator.
  6. The FWS Campus Coordinator will have the student complete all necessary paperwork.
  7. Upon notification of a clear background check, the supervisor and student will be notified of a start date.
  8. Supervisors will work with the student employee to ensure a schedule that works around the student’s classes.
  9. Supervisors will set expectations for performance.
  10. Every two weeks, the student will present a paper timesheet to the supervisor, who will confirm the hours worked; sign and submit according to the Payroll schedule.

FWS Campus Coordinators:

Franklin: Laquasha Beale lbeale@pdc.edu