What is a consortium card? A consortium card is a special library card that allows cardholders to access resources and checkout materials from libraries who participate in the Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education

Who is part of the Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education?


Associated Members:

Affiliate Members:

How do I get a consortium card? Camp students, faculty, and staff can apply for a consortium card at any Paul D. Camp library.To get an application, you must present a valid photo ID and verify that you are enrolled for the current semester at Camp; verification documents may include a registration sheet, a class schedule, financial aid statements, or receipts for payment of course(s)/purchase of books. You must also have a Camp library card before you can receive a consortium card. After completing the application, a consortium card will be issued to you and will be ready to use at any participating college or university.

How do I use a consortium card? Present your consortium card with a valid photo ID at the library of any of the participating Consortium colleges or universities, and a library card for that institution will be issued.Library privileges are determined by the policies of the lending library, and may vary from library to library. To request specific information, call the lending library, and identify yourself as a consortium borrower.

How long is a consortium card valid? A consortium card is valid for the current semester of courses offered at the borrower's home library.

What are my responsibilities as a consortium borrower? As a consortium borrower, you are responsible to observe all policies of the lending library, including the return of all materials within a specific loan period. You are also expected to pay all charges incurred from the lending library.Please remember that it is a privilege to borrow materials from consortium member libraries. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the lending libraries, including prompt return of materials and/or payment of charges, will result in sanctions by both the home and lending institutions. In addition, consortium borrowing privileges at all member libraries will be suspended.

For more information call 757.683.3183 or contact any Camp library.