Yes, but it will require a lot of hard work and dedication on your part. To see the classes required to earn the Associate of Arts and Science Degree Program Sheet 2016.

These classes are the most commonly required for students planning to earn a bachelor’s degree. Remember to check with your gaining university to check transferability and specific program requirements.

You can also choose to earn a General Education Certificate, which amounts to about half of the General Education Certificate 2017.

Completing one of these while in high school can save you two semesters or more of college after high school, and can save you thousands of dollars.

Even if you don’t want to earn a degree but just want to take some classes to transfer to your next college, Dual Enrollment is an excellent opportunity. Any college credits you earn while in high school can mean faster graduation and lower costs once you are in college full time.

If a bachelor’s degree is not the path for you, consider working on a Career Studies Certificate, or taking some classes towards an Associates of Applied Science degree. We offer programs in Welding, Robotics, Building Trades, Emergency Medical Services and lots more. Many of these classes might be offered as part of your high schools’ dual enrollment program. Check with your guidance counselor to see which Career/Technical Education programs your school offers for dual credit. You can also take these and other classes on your own while still in high school. For more information, contact Judith Wachsmann, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, at