Who can help you depends upon the problem. If you are having trouble succeeding in a class, talk to your teacher first. Your instructor can’t help you unless he or she knows a problem exists. If you still need help, speak to your high school guidance counselor, or call the dual enrollment coordinator at (757) 569-6081.

If you don’t know which classes to take, talk to your guidance counselor, high school career coach, or dual enrollment coordinator.

If you need help getting enrolled in a class, taking a placement test, paying a bill or have questions about the dual enrollment program in general, contact the dual enrollment coordinator.

Other helpful numbers:

All numbers Area Code (757) Franklin Campus Suffolk Campus
Admissions/Advising 569-6707 925-6313
Testing 569-6740 9256328
Library Services 569-6741 925-6345
SMARTHINKING Tutoring 925-6308 925-6308
Blackboard 569-6718 569-6718
Cashier’s Office 569-6042 925-6301
Transcript Assistance 569-6722 569-6722
Dual Enrollment Coordinator 569-6081 569-6081